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meet lisa talev

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Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach
Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist (retired) & Level III Reiki Practitioner 
Certified Tuning Fork (Sound Healing) Therapist
Certified Lightbody Activated Qigong & Breathwork Instructor

My own healing journey through complex chronic illness, trauma and pain was the catalyst and inspiration for the work I do with clients. Although the services I offer have changed over the years, what hasn’t changed is my commitment to helping other women feel their best.

My epic healing journey has taught me a mindset of life-long learning and endless curiosity. I was first drawn to study nutrition in 1993, then studied massage, meditation, energy healing, fitness, psychology, brain health, and Eastern Philosophy, each subject building upon the others. I radically changed my diet and lifestyle in 1993, which cleared my asthma, eczema, and chronic respiratory infections. But just as my health was starting to improve, a car accident changed everything…

In 1995, driving home from college, my car was hit multiple times by a huge semi-truck on the highway. This triggered sideways whiplash, head and neck injuries, and led to fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, disc pain, and even full-blown Lyme disease (which had been dormant before the accident, after several tick bites years earlier). As my condition worsened, I developed autoimmune disease and a long list of neurological and psychiatric symptoms, which changed over time and remained undiagnosed until blood tests in 2020 revealed two types of Lyme bacteria and tick borne relapsing fever (TBRF).

Before I had any idea that I was dealing with tick-borne infections, I started getting weekly massages in 1997 and found them so helpful that I began my own massage training in 1998. After working at several day spas and resorts, I launched my private massage practice in 2007 and had a busy massage career until 2020. Although I loved being a massage therapist, my body was not meant to do it forever…

I trained in Reiki (energy healing) from 2010-2012 and learned Qigong (energy building, moving meditation) in 2011. I also expanded my scope of practice in 2011 to include Holistic Health Coaching, the study of which helped me shift my mindset about food. I stopped using food like a drug and started discovering healthier ways to self-soothe, which were a joy to teach my clients.

2010 was also the start of my brain health studies, inspired by my mom’s Alzheimer’s and our family history of mental health disorders. I learned to break my own addictions to bad habits, rewiring my brain to crave what’s good for me. Working smarter (not harder), I got into the best physical shape of my life by applying what I’d learned about brain-healthy diet and lifestyle.

Living in Austin, Texas from 1999-2016, I was exposed to high levels of mold (from water-damaged buildings) and heavy metals (from corroded lead pipes). These toxic exposures worsened all of my neurological symptoms and food intolerances. It was my self-care practices and healing diet that allowed me to function highly between pain flares, getting only 5-star reviews in my private practice.

In September of 2016, I relocated to Tucson, where I re-launched my massage practice and trained in Tuning Fork Therapy (sound healing). During the pandemic, I closed my massage studio, became a Certified Brain Health Coach and a Lightbody Activated Qigong & Breathwork Instructor. I also took a much-needed sabbatical, working with just a few clients from 2020-2023, focusing the rest of my time on self-care and learning as much as possible about biotoxin illness recovery. Although I’m still not ready to resume working full-time, I am now accepting a small number of new coaching clients. Feel free to message me to see if we’re a good fit.

The more I learned about energy medicine and flow-state consciousness, the more I realized I could help my clients experience more ease and flow by applying energy healing principles in daily life. The more I learned about brain health, the more I realized I could help clients work with their mental health conditions, rather than feeling ashamed or fighting their own minds.

My favorite people to work with are women aged 30-60. I especially love working with “black sheep,” creatives, empaths, highly sensitive people, and those who are navigating big life changes like divorce, menopause, death/grief, or caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. I also love helping women break free from disordered eating patterns like bingeing, emotional eating, sugar addiction, and other dysfunctional coping methods, so common in our culture.

On my YouTube channel, in addition to my own videos, make sure you check out my Playlists section. This is a collection of videos I’ve curated over the years on a wide range of topics, featuring lectures and interviews from experts in their field. These videos offer life-changing perspectives that inform, inspire, and give hope to those who are struggling. I encourage anyone considering working with me to check out my YouTube Playlists to see if you resonate with the topics and videos I’ve shared.

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As a health coach, I don’t replace a psychotherapist or medical provider, but am a key part of your wellness team that supports your habits, mindset, self-care, and accountability. Want to see if I’m the right coach for you? Contact Me to schedule a free initial consultation.

And click the button below to visit my YouTube channel, lisatalev, to check out those video playlists!

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High quality nutritional supplements can be game changers to your health, but only if you can afford them. One of the benefits of working with me is that you get discounts on nutritional supplements, from the huge selection at FullScript to the high-end gut health & immune system support from MicrobiomeLabs and Biocidin.

I’ve had many hours of training from these product lines, so when you buy from me, you’re not just buying bottles of pills, you’re also getting clear guidance on how to use them.


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