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Holistic Health Coach

for Highly Sensitive Women

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Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath who feels overwhelmed by the world? Imagine turning your sensitivity into a guiding superpower rather than a burden.

As a fellow empath and HSP with 25 years of healing and mindful living experience, I’ve transformed every aspect of my life. Drawing from over two decades as a massage therapist and energy healer, I teach clients to cultivate an inner sense of safety and empowerment. Research suggests that talk therapy is most effective when you have a solid foundation of inner safety (otherwise it can be triggering, and even counterproductive in some cases).

My self-care tools and mindset shifts empower you to nurture yourself in healthy ways, providing a compassionate sanctuary to identify and release old patterns holding you back. I offer a fresh perspective that sparks deep internal transformation, helping women shift their thinking to create effortless, purpose-driven actions.

Ready to explore how I can guide you on your journey? Let’s begin with a free consultation. Click “Contact” below to start the conversation.

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Wellness Coaching & Mindful Living

Life = constant change. Rather than fighting against the flow and clinging to old habits, it’s essential to open to a new way of thinking that inspires transformation.

Investing in yourself is the key, and having a coach by your side can be your guiding light. A coach can pinpoint where you need to upgrade your mental software and empower you with the skills and resources you need to step into a new reality.

Many women readily invest in their children and families without hesitation, yet when it comes to investing in themselves, they hesitate. What we consistently see is that when women prioritize their own growth and well-being, they radiate positivity and uplift everyone around them.

If you’re done putting your own needs last and are ready to step into a more powerful way of being, click on the Message button below to start the conversation!

client success stories

“Wow! The Coaching sessions I’ve had with Lisa are beyond my expectations. She never makes me feel judged; she is empathic and caring. Her knowledge and experience with food science and personal habits and beliefs is exemplary. I love that she truly understands my struggles and helps me with strategies that work for ME and doesn’t push me into any cookie-cutter types of food choices or programs. I am highly encouraged that she has my best interest in mind! I encourage you to book a session asap.”

Pamela Leonard

“One of Lisa’s eating suggestions has changed my day-to-day life. I used to be irritable and cranky all day but with switching up a few foods, I am even, calm. She’s taught me positive self-awareness and how to incorporate more pleasure into daily life. She makes the map and hands you the compass, so you can do it on your own. Lisa’s health coaching is like therapy for your whole body. And like cognitive therapy, everyone can use it, whether they know it or not. Everyone can get something out of coaching with Lisa.”

Trissa Hill, Hockessin DE

“Guys, Lisa is amazing! I can honestly say that I have never felt like I did after my sound healing session with her. I feel that it was a life-transforming experience. If you are going through a life transition or any change in your life, and you need clarity, make an appointment with her. She will help you connect with yourself and find the answers you need.”

Leticia Z., Tucson AZ

“I came to Lisa when I was having difficulty regulating my diet during times of stress. She was very understanding and knowledgeable about what I was going through. She offered me emotional support as well as structure to help me figure out what works best for my body. I feel like Lisa has been one of the main pillars in my recovery from anxiety. I am very grateful to have such a wonderfully caring and professional guide in my life.”

Jessica Nixon, Austin TX

“I could not be happier to have Lisa Talev in my life as my wellness coach. She is slowly but surely completely re-laying my foundation when it comes to food and fitness. She’s full of wisdom and grace and she’s got a rockin’ bod to showcase her knowledge. What she’s teaching me is having so many implications in my life, it’s hard to put into words. She’s worth every darn penny and I am all about getting professionals to help when I can’t do it alone. Hit her up, she’s awesome. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Julia Lorenz-Olson, Austin TX

“Lisa is a wonderful coach. It’s been very empowering and liberating working with her. Talking with her weekly has been an important part of my life for the last 4+ years (since 2018). She’s helped me set healthy boundaries with difficult people and regularly helps me reframe tough situations, so they feel much more manageable. With her dynamic approach and self-care tools, she is able to guide you through all sorts of challenges, including how to protect yourself as an empath. Lisa’s resources have been a life saver for me during the pandemic. She was even able to teach me self-massage techniques over Zoom that allowed me to fix my chronic pain at home. I couldn’t believe what a difference this has made!”

Ashley Barber, Bridgeton, NJ

“Lisa has been my saving grace this past year. She has been my massage therapist for the last 5 years and my health coach for the last 5 months. Her knowledge of the body, mind, soul and spirit is tremendous. Thank you, Lisa!”

Debbie Snow, Austin, TX

“I always look forward to my phone appointments with Lisa. She is a great listener and has a gift for helping me sort and shift through stale, old thought patterns that need to be composted or recycled into new, more effective ones. Our lighthearted banter and her sharp wit are the perfect balance for those difficult moments when I find myself discovering behaviors that I know are not conducive to my overall health and success. I appreciate her so much!”

Carie E., Seattle WA


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